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Becoming a Volunteer

CCT relies on the talents of its volunteers to help its nonprofit clients address challenging business issues. In return, volunteers enjoy knowing that their MBA skills are assisting nonprofits in doing meaningful work in the Boston community. Additionally, volunteers have the opportunity to learn about the world of nonprofits, broaden and sharpen their skill sets, as well as network with and enjoy the camaraderie of other MBAs. Please consider joining us for our next round of projects!


Applications are now closed for the 2022 project cycle. 

In mid-November, when we know our staffing requirements, we contact applicants with our short list of potential clients and brief project descriptions and ask you to indicate your top preferences. With this information, we determine final client/project selections and begin the team staffing process.

The final client selection and team formations are complete by mid-late December. Volunteers are notified of their project assignments by the end of December. Project work begins in late December/January.

Apply to Become a CCT Volunteer:

  1. If you are new to CCT, please click the apply to volunteer button below and fill out an application.

  2. If you have volunteered with CCT in the past and have responded to our emails requesting that you update your information with us, you don’t need to do anything … unless you would like to update something or send us some additional information.  If you would, please email and include your name and what you would like to do.

  3. If you have volunteered in the past and have not updated your information with us, or if you need to update some information that you have submitted previously, please email  Include your name and what you would like to do.  

Apply to Volunteer