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Become a Community Consulting Teams volunteer and use your business skills to help a local nonprofit better serve the community. 

We are an all-volunteer organization of MBA graduates that provides pro bono management consulting services to Boston-area nonprofits. 

Benefit from becoming involved with CCT

  • Be instrumental in improving the effectiveness of worthy nonprofits in their work to address community needs in the Boston area
  • Gain deeper knowledge and insight into nonprofits and specific areas of interest
  • Network with MBA alumni while working on a meaningful project
  • Further develop or refresh business skills

Work with like-minded people on interesting projects

CCT volunteers are a special group. They are graduates of the nation’s top business schools - most are alumni of Tuck (Dartmouth), Sloan (MIT), Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Kellogg (Northwestern) & Wharton (University of Pennsylvania), and more!

  • They have worked in many industries and have diverse functional expertise in areas such as marketing, sales, operations, organizational behavior, finance, general management, business development, strategic planning, and consulting.
  • Their ages range from late 20s to mid 70s.
  • Some are employed full-time; others are part-time workers, stay-at-home parents, between jobs and retirees.
  • Sound interesting? Complete an application!
  • Questions about volunteering? Contact one of our liaisons, see below.

MBA Liaisons

In addition to recruiting graduates from other top MBA programs, CCT attracts a high number of volunteers from the programs below. In some cases, we staff projects with same-school teams, offering a unique opportunity to get to know local graduates of your program. If you are an alumni of one of these institutions and would like information on how CCT partners with graduates of your program, please contact one of our liaisons:

Booth   Nicole Ferry-Lacchia -

Columbia  Ong Lei-Choon - 

Darden  Julie Rowe -

INSEAD  Boris Efroimskiy -

Kellogg   Jessica Morris -

Sloan    Mary Cross -

Stanford    Peter Sanborn -

Tuck   Carolyn McGuire -

Wharton   Nancy Csaplar -

Yale   Colleen Curry -

If you graduated from another great MBA program, we want to hear from you!  Contact us at

CCT Volunteer Profiles

CCT is proud of its many volunteers who serve as board members, project sponsors, project managers and team members.

Volunteer Profile: Johanna Musselman

Volunteer Profile: Jessica Morris

Volunteer Profile: Sarah Bingman Schott

Volunteer Profile: Jeff Caplan

Volunteer Profile: Amy Casher

Volunteer Profile: Bill Sones

Volunteer Profile: Lisa Coney

Volunteer Profile: Lorri Veidenheimer

Volunteer Profile: Aish Agrawal

Volunteer Profile: Carol Krauss

Volunteer Profile: Gabriele Loebbert

Volunteer Profile: Stewart Chapin

Volunteer Profile: Julie Rowe

Volunteer Profile: Jill Tsakiris

Volunteer Profile: Peter Sanborn

Volunteer Profile: Carolyn McGuire

Volunteer Profile: Elizabeth Atkin

Volunteer Profile: Ezra Gordon


Not only does working with CCT help expand your local network of business contacts, but it also opens your eyes to so many interesting small nonprofits in the Boston metro area, and reminds you that there are so many different ways to contribute to society. Whenever I work on a project team, I view it as a chance to work with a great group of people, as well as sharpen old skills and build new ones.

Mark B., Sloan grad