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Clarity for Clarendon Early Education Services (CEES)

This spring, CCT presented its analysis of the feasibility of adding online courses to CEES’s portfolio of training and education services. Afterwards, CEES shared kind remarks about the process and their eagerness to leverage the findings to make investment decisions: 

“Your support of our mission is inspiring to us, and we look forward to moving ahead (expediently!) with our online learning curriculum. Not only did you provide superb, useful information and recommendations, you also offered a rewarding interpersonal experience. Your kind and supportive approach made us feel that you authentically appreciate the work we do. We were touched that you expressed disappointment when you were unable to recommend our project as a great revenue stream; we were not at all disappointed but rather excited to continue!

Throughout the project, your team maintained an organized and timely workflow that was very helpful to us. The wealth of data collection, analysis and cost-benefit analysis you performed provide a solid foundation for our next steps, and our team learned a great deal from the process. We also appreciate that the team used their wisdom to adjust recommendations quickly based on the rapidly changing landscape.”