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Volunteer Profile: David Wong

Current CCT Role: Project Manager, The Eliot School

Volunteer Since: 2016


How Did You Discover CCT? Yale SOM alumni newsletter

Describe Your CCT Experience: 

I was co-project manager for a growth strategy project for Neurofibromatosis Northeast (NFNE), a rare disease non-profit based in Burlington, MA. The key question facing the organization was whether to expand geographically to the mid-Atlantic states, with the closure of the local NF branch. Our project approach included several workstreams of primary and secondary research, including: board and staff interviews; NFNE member database analysis; patient surveys and interviews; clinician and researcher interviews; peer organization research and interviews. 

Ultimately, based on our analysis, we recommended that NFNE not expand geographically since there was existing opportunity to serve more patients and expand services in their existing northeast geography. We also specifically identified a need to emphasize greater clinician engagement and invest in further development of patient support capabilities, a key NFNE differentiator.  

What does CCT offer that all the other activities which vie for your limited free time do not?

I was looking for an opportunity to give back to organizations that serve a broader social mission but do so in a manner that could have greater impact and achieve greater strategic leverage than could be accomplished via individual volunteerism. I was also looking for an opportunity to utilize the management consulting skills that I have developed professionally since graduating from Yale SOM.

What Don’t We Know About You?

I have particular personal interest in addressing social inequity, including the application of ESG principles in corporate direction and governance. At a personal level, I am an advocate of life hacks, particularly related to health and nutrition, including HIIT and intermittent fasting.


Volunteer Profile: Johanna Musselman

Current CCT Role: Project Team Member
Volunteer Since: 2017 
MBA: Tuck School 1984

Volunteer Profile - Jeff Caplan

Current CCT Role:  Co-Project Manager for North Shore Community College - Our project focuses on admissions, and steps NSCC could take to get more applicants to enroll.

Volunteer Since:  2014. On my fifth project and my third as a PM.

MBA:  Wharton

First CCT Project:  All Hands & Hearts, a volunteer organization addressing the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters.

How Did You Discover CCT?:  I read a notice about CCT in the Globe, of all things.

Describe Your CCT Experience:  I get to work with a mix of (mostly) MBAs of all ages and all specialties, and part of the experience is to get to know them and learn from their perspectives. The business questions clients ask are genuinely challenging, and inevitably at some point in the project it feels as if we’re not going to provide a satisfactory response. But we always seem to figure it out and the clients are always very appreciative.

Volunteer Profile - Amy Casher

Current CCT Role: Board Member, Client Development Committee Co-Chair  

Volunteer Since: 2006

MBA: Yale School of Management

First CCT Project: ImprovBoston. It was a Growth/Expansion project, focused on their corporate training business.

How Did You Discover CCT? I first learned about CCT through the Yale SOM alumni network. While I had done both for-profit and nonprofit strategy consulting professionally, I was seeking ways to use my MBA skills to give backvto the community in a meaningful way. I attended a CCT information session in Boston, and the rest is history.

Describe Your CCT Experience: I have just completed my seventh CCT project over a span of 12 years. In addition to leading and working on teams, I have also enjoyed working on the Client Development Committee, now as Co-Chair, recruiting and educating clients about CCT, helping to select which organizations will receive our pro bono consulting services, and nurturing client relationships over the long term.

Volunteer Profile - Bill Sones

Current CCT Role: Project Manager                                                                                                                                                                                   Volunteer Since: I first worked with CCT in 2003.  Work and life events have led to a couple of brief hiatus periods but it’s been 15 years since I first worked with CCT.
                                                                                                                          Projects and Roles for each: Recent projects include Children’s Healthwatch and Minuteman Senior Services as PMs.  Others include Conservation Law Foundation and the Women’s Crisis Center as a team member, and I have also worked on the Volunteer Committee.

MBA: Yale 

How you discovered CCT:  There was outreach to local Yale alumni and it sounded like a great organization.

Describe your CCT experience:  I have found CCT to be a tremendously rewarding experience on so many levels.  First and foremost, it’s always so rewarding to have an opportunity to help so many organizations that are dedicated to great causes.  But it’s also always great to meet like-minded professionals in the area that are also drawn to helping these non-profits.  I’ve met so many people with varied backgrounds that I would not have had a chance to get to know otherwise.

Volunteer Profile - Ahn Tran

Current CCT role: Project Manager for the Lucy’s Love Bus project 

Volunteer since: 2016

First CCT project: Open Table

MBA: Simmons University

How did you discover CCT?
I googled volunteer opportunities and a volunteer I knew from Tech Goes Home mentioned it.

Describe your CCT experience:
Great :) It’s the opportunity to do something outside of my regular life/work and apply my skills and knowledge to helping out. It’s also fun because you are working with likeminded people focused on the same goals.

What does CCT offer that all the other activities which vie for your limited free time do not?
It offers project-based volunteering that gives me an opportunity to learn about different nonprofits while providing an impactful result. It leads to meeting new people on project and client teams and getting to know them too.

What don’t we know about you? 
I have a particular personal interest in addressing social inequity, including the application of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) principles in corporate direction and governance. At a personal level, I am an advocate of life hacks.


Volunteer Profile - Lisa Coney

Current CCT Role: Site Visit Coordinator for Client Development 

Volunteer Since: 2012

Projects and Roles: WalkBoston, Project Manager (PM); Emerson Umbrella (now, The Umbrella), PM; Root Capital, PM; The House of the Seven Gables, PM; Roca, PM; EVKids, PM.

MBA: University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business

How She Discovered CCT: Lisa had taken a couple of years away from the workforce to take care of her mother’s affairs and was looking for some interesting volunteer opportunities. A former colleague who was a Wharton MBA shared an email she received regarding CCT and Lisa followed up. She completed an application, “…and never looked back.”

Volunteer Profile - Lorri Veidenheimer

Current CCT Role: Board Member and Co-Chair of the Client Development Committee

Volunteer Since: 2015

First Project: NEADS Service Dogs

MBA: Kellogg (Northwestern University)

How You Discovered CCT:

After moving to Boston about nine years ago, I was trying to make new friends and do some professional networking. I discovered a wonderful woman who went to both my undergraduate college and graduate school so I asked her to meet for coffee. She was a long-time CCT volunteer and suggested I get involved as well. It took me a couple of years before I signed up - wish I’d done it earlier.

Describe Your CCT Experience:

Volunteer Profile - Aish Agrawal

Current CCT Role: Project Manager for Charles River Conservancy

Volunteer Since: 2013

First Project: Cristo Rey Boston

MBA: Fuqua (Duke) School of Business, 2011

How You Discovered CCT: An email to all Fuqua grads from Duke’s Boston chapter

Describe Your CCT Experience: CCT has been a rewarding experience in many ways - honing my skills, meeting and working with folks from different industries, learning about the nonprofit world, and more importantly, working for clients who would otherwise find it challenging to get some of their critical projects off the ground. At one point or the other, each project became demanding and the teams worked together to deliver the project on time for clients who were always pleased not just with the outcome but the passion that the teams brought to the project. In every project, I have seen the client have at least one “Aha” moment, demonstrating the value CCT teams bring to the Boston area nonprofits.

What Don’t We Know About You? I learned I was claustrophobic when I stepped into the Great Pyramid of Giza. I made people behind me in the line turn around so I could get out. Some were not happy.