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Project Guidelines

Considerations For A Successful Project Outcome

The strategic issue you choose is:

  • Critical to your mission
  • Related to your strategic plan and priorities
  • Timely and relevant to your organization throughout the project cycle (January - May)

The project you define:

  • Will benefit greatly from a group of business consultants with a broad range of functional skills and industry experience
  • Can allow for much of the work to be conducted off-site by team members
  • Does not require extensive industry or policy knowledge by the consultants
  • Does not focus on fundraising or board development challenges
  • Is tightly scoped in terms of objectives and measurable outcomes

CCT Services and Typical Projects

Given the length of our project cycle, CCT takes on projects that provide inputs to strategic plans but does not create complete strategic plans.


Typical Projects

Situational Assessments

  • Market Sizing - Market size, location, characteristics
  • Benchmarking Study – Best practices of other relevant functions or organizations
  • Environmental Scan – Trends, Market needs, Competitors, Collaborators


  • Feasibility Study – Implications of launching new program or service
  • Market Expansion – Implications of taking program into new market
  • Organizational Capacity - Organizational requirements to meet growth

Financial Management

  • Financial Modeling – Revenue and cost targets to meet goals
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis – Implications of new program on finances


  • Operational Effectiveness – Streamlining opportunities for specific operation, such as inventory management
  • Business Process Analysis – Mapping out processes to determine opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness


  • Positioning  – Message development and delivery
  • Segmentation Strategy – Programs/services mapped by customers/audience
  • Marketing Plan Development – Target markets and plans

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