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Client Application Process

Thank you for your interest in CCT

Approximately 10 nonprofit organizations will be chosen for the upcoming project cycle. Services are provided by volunteers and are free of charge to the nonprofit organization. The estimated value of a CCT 5-month consultancy is approximately $100,000.

Instructions for Completing the Application

  1. Click the “Apply to be a client” button left to start the process and the “Resume project application” button to work on your application draft you have saved.
  2. Complete the online application following the instructions therein.
  3. Submit your application by August 27, 2021.
  4. Please direct any questions you may have to us at

Project Application Review and Selection Process Timeline

Application Deadline
August 27, 2021
Phone interviews and site visits (virtual or in person)
September-October 2021
Final Projects Selected
Late December 2021
Teams Begin Projects
January 2022
Teams Complete Work
Late May 2022

Considerations for a Successful Project Outcome

The strategic issue you choose is:

  • Critical to your mission
  • Related to your strategic plan and priorities
  • Timely and relevant to your organization throughout the project cycle (January - May 2022)

The project you define:

  • Will benefit greatly from a group of business consultants with a broad range of functional skills and industry experience
  • Can allow for much of the work to be conducted off-site by team members  
  • Does not require extensive industry or policy knowledge by the consultants
  • Does not focus on fundraising or board development challenges
  • Is tightly scoped in terms of objectives and measurable outcomes

Please explain:

  • What is unique about your organization?
  • How does the strategic challenge you selected fit within your priorities overall?
  • By addressing this strategic challenge, how will your organization be positioned for success (growth, quality, customer satisfaction, etc.)?
  • What will you gain by using an external business consulting team?

Application Submissions

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions or to help you with your application. Please contact us at

We appreciate your interest in working with CCT. We look forward to reviewing your application.