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Community Consulting Teams of Boston (CCT) amplifies the impact of Boston-area nonprofits through pro bono management consulting projects performed by teams of experienced MBAs from top-tier business schools.

Nonprofit Application Process and Project Schedule

Our volunteers are eager to help our nonprofit community with strategic projects that may or may not be Covid-19 related. We understand that the current situation makes things very unpredictable, and we want to be responsive to that in our project planning and delivery. We surveyed past clients regarding their needs for the coming project cycle, and we found that for the coming cycle, clients would prefer a later application date, less time between application and selection, as well as a shortened cycle overall. Therefore, we plan to condense the 2020-2021 application deadline and project cycle. An expected timeline follows:
     Open Call for CCT Project Applications: August 16, 2020
     Application Deadline: October 16, 2020
     Site Visits (virtual or in-person): November 2020
     Clients Selected: Early January 2021
     Projects Begin: Early February 2021
     Projects Finish: End of May 2021
As always, the client development team welcomes the opportunity to speak with you and your colleagues about potential project ideas. We find many of our strongest applications come from organizations with whom we’ve had the chance to discuss how our volunteer strengths can best serve clients’ needs. We can be reached at

Looking forward to working with you over the coming months, and wishing you good health… 


Amy Casher & Sarah Schott
Community Consulting Teams Boston
Client Development Co-chairs

Volunteer Profile: Johanna Musselman

Current CCT Role: Project Team Member
Volunteer Since: 2017 
MBA: Tuck School 1984

How Did You Discover CCT? I’ve known about CCT for many years since I first moved to the Boston area in 2003 and because there were so many Tuck alumni involved in the organization. Initially, I lived near Worcester MA and the distance from Boston made it difficult to volunteer with CCT. My husband & I returned to Cambridge in the Fall of 2016, as “empty nesters”, and I thought it was the right time to join CCT.
Describe Your CCT Experience: I have worked on four projects as a team member, as follows:
2017: Charles River Conservancy
2018: Boston City Singers
2019: Samaritans, Inc.
2020: Youth Build Boston
All projects have been interesting and challenging in different ways. I have enjoyed learning about various non-profit organizations and how they operate. I’ve enjoyed digging in and understanding customers, competitors and the industries in which they operate. 100% of the clients have been great to work with and receptive to the research and findings of the CCT teams. Also, it’s been great getting to meet and work with other CCT volunteers - networking and making friends. One of my favorite parts is the wrap-up event, usually held in June, where the clients give a report on the value and impact of CCT’s work.
What does CCT offer that all the other activities which vie for your limited free time do not? Each CCT project is an experience which keeps me on my “business” toes, even 30 years after business school. CCT reminds me of the skills I can bring to the table, even though I’ve been away from the full-time corporate world for many years. I also like the fact that the project cycle has a well-defined beginning and end. The CCT organization is very well run!
What Don’t We Know About You? I’ve been living in downtown Boston for 3 years and really enjoy it. My husband works for the City of Boston and I keep busy with volunteer commitments and as an election worker for the City of Cambridge. In my free time, I enjoy visiting with my daughter and her family, including my 4-year old granddaughter, and quilting. Following the CCT project, I was invited to join the Board of Boston City Singers in late 2018 and I am now serving as Vice Chair. It has been a good experience, a bit more challenging since the coronavirus shutdown required all our programs to go virtual. Since May, I’ve been participating in the City of Boston’s weekly COVID-19 check-in with the Arts & Culture community, learning about funding, legislation and other plans for re-opening.


Clarity for Clarendon Early Education Services (CEES)

This spring, CCT presented its analysis of the feasibility of adding online courses to CEES’s portfolio of training and education services. Afterwards, CEES shared kind remarks about the process and their eagerness to leverage the findings to make investment decisions: 

“Your support of our mission is inspiring to us, and we look forward to moving ahead (expediently!) with our online learning curriculum. Not only did you provide superb, useful information and recommendations, you also offered a rewarding interpersonal experience. Your kind and supportive approach made us feel that you authentically appreciate the work we do. We were touched that you expressed disappointment when you were unable to recommend our project as a great revenue stream; we were not at all disappointed but rather excited to continue!

Throughout the project, your team maintained an organized and timely workflow that was very helpful to us. The wealth of data collection, analysis and cost-benefit analysis you performed provide a solid foundation for our next steps, and our team learned a great deal from the process. We also appreciate that the team used their wisdom to adjust recommendations quickly based on the rapidly changing landscape.”