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Reports from the Field

CCT teams are now well into their projects, presenting midpoint reports to clients and developing final recommendations. A few of our Project Managers shared updates…

More Than a Sign… The familiar signs on the bridges to the Cape that say,”Desperate? Call the Samaritans,” are how most people know Samaritans, anorganization whose mission is to reduce the incidence of suicide by listening and offering hope through their 24/7 phone and text lines to people in the greater Boston area. They field over 75,000 calls and 1800 text messages a year from people who are lonely, uncertain or depressed. A fraction of the calls come from teens, yet teens are particularly vulnerable to suicide, and Samaritans wants to find an effective way of reaching this population. Our CCT team is exploring various channels as well as the best messages to reach teens through school partnership programs, other peer organizations and social media to leverage their helpline, online chat and texting services.

Be Our Guest… CCT is helping Hospitality Homes explore how to increase their capacity to provide a home-away-from-home to families of patients seeking care at Boston-area hospitals by partnering with hotels to tap into an inventory of empty rooms. Currently, most Hospitality Homes guests are housed by volunteer hosts who offer no-cost, short-term housing in their private homes. Our CCT project includes identifying hotel philanthropic programs that could be leveraged and how excess hotel capacity is currently managed and what opportunities and barriers exist for Hospitality Homes.

Care, Access, and Humility… CCT is helping the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation in a marketing and branding project. The client is the premier hospital in Haiti’s Southern Peninsula and provides care to patients regardless of income. It employs an almost entirely Haitian staff and is regarded by residents as an organization focused exclusively on the regional population’s needs. The purpose of the project is to assess SBHF’s branding and communications strategy and evaluate its brand position with the donor community, similar organizations, and other stakeholders.

Wanted: (Able-bodied) Volunteers Interested in Moving Furniture… Household Goods of Acton, MA, a volunteer-driven organization, asked CCT to help them with volunteer management. The team has been interviewing key stakeholders including board and committee members, as well as active volunteers. The team is also conducting a survey of current and former volunteers to learn about participant satisfaction. The project includes a best practices study of other furniture banks and nonprofits where all or most of the tasks are performed by volunteers. Recommendations will include opportunities to improve recruiting, communications, and recognition in targeted areas.

Would You Jump in the Charles?… Charles River Conservancy is proposing to build a pool for you to swim in at North End Park. The CCT team is interviewing a variety of groups that run pools - indoor, beach, lakes and rivers to develop an operating and financial model for the pool. In-river swimming is a global trend - projects are in progress in London, New York, Melbourne, Berlin and operating in Switzerland and Copenhagen - and through discussions with some of them the CCT team is identifying key considerations in bringing such a complex project to completion.

Enabling the Transformational Organization to Go Further… CCT is working on defining a growth strategy for Community Boat Building (CBB), a Boston waterfront based nonprofit that is transforming the lives of 5th grade students in Boston Public Schools through a hands-on boat building program. The CCT team is interviewing the key stakeholders to understand their impression of CBB and get their input on potential growth plans. In addition, they are interviewing peer organizations across the country to better understand their growth strategies and growing pains. Finally, they are assisting CBB to improve their “impact” tracking ability from the perspective of funding organizations.