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Community Consulting Teams of Boston (CCT) amplifies the impact of Boston-area nonprofits through pro bono management consulting projects performed by teams of experienced MBAs from top-tier business schools.

Reports from the Field!

Threads of Resistance and More: Expanding the Appeal and Relevance of Craft                Fuller Craft Museum, located in Brockton, has unique expertise in aligning contemporary craft exhibitions -showcasing works in glass, fiber, metal, wood or clay - with topical, political, and social issues. A focus of their recently completed five-year strategic plan is to expand the museum’s audience to new geographies and to engage more deeply with the local community. The CCT team is interviewing 15+ arts and culture museums, including comparable and aspirational organizations, to identify best practices and tactics for audience expansion and engagement. The team is also interviewing Fuller staff and board members for insights, conducting financial analyses, and completing digital marketing assessments of the target institutions. Once the CCT team has synthesized the findings, they will hold a work session with Fuller to review the initial recommendations.

Remember that Middle School Science Experiment?                                                  The Museum Institute for Teaching Science (MITS) focuses on helping teachers more effectively teach science with hands on, inquiry-based approaches. CCT is helping to articulate value propositions for marketing MITS services to four target constituencies: school administrators, teachers, informal educators and corporate funders. The first phase of the project included surveys and interviews with these constituencies, as well as interviews with board members and staff to understand key needs and MITS differentiators. Following the interim report, the team is focused on developing constituent personas and value propositions, as well as testing.

Financial Indigestion                                                                                                        The Eliot School’s mission is to inspire lifelong learning and craftsmanship for all by offering in-house courses inwoodworking, upholstery and other disciplines. They also provide courses with Boston Public School partners. CCT was asked to help measure individual program profitability, enable what-if evaluation of initiatives, and develop reporting to the board that is digestible rather than a “tsunami of statistics.” The CCT team is conducting a peer analysis, working on a financial model, and designing a key performance indicator dashboard for use by the school and for reporting to their board.

Improving the Lives of Court-Involved Children                                                   Adolescent Consultation Services (ACS) of Middlesex County works to support and empower court-involved children and families by providing no cost mental health prevention and intervention services to help them envision and work toward a better future. As input to developing a new five-year strategic plan, ACS asked CCT to complete a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) assessment. In the first phase of the project, the CCT team is using interviews, surveys, and research to gather input from key stakeholders to inform the analysis. Following the interim presentation, the team will focus on analyzing and synthesizing the data, completing the SWOT assessment and developing recommendations.

This Homework is Lots of Fun!                                                                              Boston Arts Academy’s (BAA) is the only public arts school in Boston. The CCT team is helping BAA assess whether their mission statement appropriately reflects their plans for the future. The CCT team has been interviewing all stakeholders, including the boards (there is a school board and a foundation board), teachers, students, alumni, families and caregivers.  


CCT Welcomes Consulting Grant Recipients for 2018

The CCT community congratulates the 11 Boston-area nonprofits selected to work with a CCT consulting team for the 2018 project cycle!

- Adolescent Consultation Services (Cambridge), Mental Health & Crisis Intervention,              CCT Project: Business Strategy

- Boston Arts Academy (Boston), Education, CCT Project: Strategic Planning

- Boston City Singers (Dorchester), Youth Development,                                                            CCT Project: Business Strategy and Growth

- Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts (Boston), Arts, CCT Project: Financial Modeling

- Fuller Craft Museum (Brockton), Arts, CCT Project: Business Strategy

- Haiti Project (Hanover), Community Improvement and Capacity Building,                              CCT Project: Business/Strategic Planning

- Hospitality Homes (Brookline), Healthcare, CCT Project: Marketing

- Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association (Newton), Health Services,                                  CCT Project: Business Strategy/Growth

- Museum Institute for Teaching Science (Quincy), Education, CCT Project: Marketing

- Open Table (Concord, Maynard), Human Services, CCT Project: Organizational Design

- Political Asylum/Immigration Representation (Boston), Civil Rights & Advocacy,                  CCT Project: Marketing

Volunteer Profile - Bill Sones

Current CCT Role: Project Manager                                                                                                                                                                                   Volunteer Since: I first worked with CCT in 2003.  Work and life events have led to a couple of brief hiatus periods but it’s been 15 years since I first worked with CCT.
                                                                                                                          Projects and Roles for each: Recent projects include Children’s Healthwatch and Minuteman Senior Services as PMs.  Others include Conservation Law Foundation and the Women’s Crisis Center as a team member, and I have also worked on the Volunteer Committee.

MBA: Yale 

How you discovered CCT:  There was outreach to local Yale alumni and it sounded like a great organization.

Describe your CCT experience:  I have found CCT to be a tremendously rewarding experience on so many levels.  First and foremost, it’s always so rewarding to have an opportunity to help so many organizations that are dedicated to great causes.  But it’s also always great to meet like-minded professionals in the area that are also drawn to helping these non-profits.  I’ve met so many people with varied backgrounds that I would not have had a chance to get to know otherwise.

What value do you derive from CCT which you don’t get from other activities?  I’ve been a consultant for two decades and working with CCT provides me a chance to leverage that experience to help non-profits. But CCT also pushes my skill set in directions that I don’t typically get to do with my normal work.  But most importantly, as I’m sure is the case with most CCT volunteers, the satisfaction of helping these important organizations is something that’s hard to find elsewhere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               What might we not know about you?  I love to spend time in Vermont skiing with my wife and two sons while always finding time to root on the Patriots.